​In 1979 Al Bane started Leatherworking as a hobby. The first band He worked for was WASP. He did their wardrobe, which included leather pants, vests, shirts, belts, arm bands and guitar straps. In 1981, through a house sitting gig he had, he obtained a storefront on Hollywood Blvd. He put all of his current leatherwork in this small space. Bracelets, arm bands, belts; and were catering to the tourist trade. A year later he took over the next door shop and went from 200sg ft to 600 sg ft. At this time, it was a "we" operation, which included his girlfriend Dez, and assistant Keith Mickins. We had a showroom and a workshop. We all went to school, LA Trade Tech, PCC, and Glendale City College; studying fashion. We then recruited some of the Instructors to be the production staff for "Al Bane for Leather".

Bill Gazzari, the Godfather of Rock n Roll, called him and said he wanted to him decorate his nightclub like the hard rock cafe. This turned into having a boutique inside Gazzari's instead. For the next 12 years he serviced the local music community making theatrical costumes and merchandise. During this time, the feature film "Decline of the Western Civilization II" was released and all of Al Bane’s clients were featured in this movie. He did the wardrobe and props for the band WASP for 10 years. One of the highlights of this time period is Tipper Gore and Nancy Reagan holding the "F*ck like a Beast" album cover featuring an “Al Bane for Leather” Codpiece and mentioning him by name, "this al bane for leather guy as being a source of all depravity". He also did the entire wardrobe for Michael Jackson's "Bad" tour.

In the 90's Al transitioned into Sail making. This gave him the experience of large sized items, work pieces, and production. He still made the occasional leatherwork for various long term customers. This is where his tailor and sewing machine operation prowess came into play. He sewed everything from rock climbing gear to wetsuits. He used state of the art materials such as Kevlar and Ballistic Nylon. He diversified. He also did many theatrical projects. He made wardrobe pieces for various TV and Film projects: Star Trek Next Generation (Warf's gear), Star Trek Enterprise (space suits), Terminator (holster for shotgun), and many other theatrical props and accessories.

Throughout the 2000's he continued his craftsmanship, tailoring, sewing and leatherwork in various forms and functions. He did everything from scuba diving products to boot making. As the 2010's rolled in, he was onsite at the Location Ranch Studios, where he had his operations set up and did everything from Tents and Tarps to customizing wardrobe. (Sons of Anarchy)

 For the last five years He has been at the Al Bane for Leather studio production facility. He produces and manufactures theatrical clothing and accessories for motion picture and music industries. He has made available a retail line of clothing and accessories (leather jackets, vests, dresses, pants, belts, bracelets, purses, hand bags), as well as music instrument accessories (guitar straps, drum stick bags, wireless unit cases).

Al Bane for Leather is available for custom leatherwork, tailoring and sewing to fit any and all of your needs, personal and professional.